Maduzi Hotel Art Fair 2013

Maduzi Hotel Art Fair 2013 : Certain is Always Uncertain


Our world gets stranger everyday. We look for virtues and qualities like égalité and impartiality in our society, lifestyle, politics and religion, but we have found none. The hope for certainty that we so dream of having is mere illusion when, for certain, there will always exist variables that affect the end-point, which stays fixed yet lingers abstractly in our conceptual mind.

From historical times to the present day, stories told over and over again lose some of their authenticity because time is non-linear. Their meaning changes because people, places and their environment change. Yet we strive to make the concept of time fit our imagined perfect reality and fail to admire the beauty of imperfection. There are, I believe, creative forces amidst the chaos in the world that we too can play with to achieve just a moment of equilibrium. If we can open up to and tune into the true nature of our world, we will learn that “uncertainty” is a very romantic ideal.

In terms of communication, the heart of the message is not the message itself but the means in which one employs in order to communicate. I think that by respectfully yet sincerely expressing my ideas, I can truly make my message all the more relevant, meaningful and influential. Sometimes we seek for different and at times complicated ways to express truth in order to create a shield around the truth itself. Whatever one sees or understands, others see and understand differently according to their own unique prior knowledge, constructs and views of the world that make up their conscience. The seeker of truth who can analyze and see through all the complications, on the other hand, is one who truly defines success.

Exhibition was held @Maduzi Hotel, Bangkok between 15-17 February 2013