Penta Collection


Eco-friendly Pendant Lamp

Cassava is one of the crops being grown most in Thailand. In many time of the year, Thai farmers have to face with excessive supply of cassava causing huge amount of waste pollution. As a designer, my passion in designing is to enhance cassava material with aesthetic value.

A pendant is one of my priorities due to the fact that after the material has been processed by Hi-pressure vacuum, its fiber structure becomes solid and rigid, yet having lightweight with very interesting translucence effect.

The pentagon does not only represent a strong structure, but also reflects a shape of cassava leaf as well, which has become my inspiration. The dim and warm white light of “Penta” presents tropical aesthetics mood and tone and the texture shows an authentic touch and feel. 

Best part of cassava material I love is that it is a natural material that gives out no toxic and can be 100% recycled, which means no chemical wastes are left behind. Furthermore, in suitable conditions, the material can be naturally decomposed within 2-3 weeks.