Sleep Mode Collection : Rat Dock #01

Sleep Mode Collection : Rat Dock #01


What if we start idea about designing things from faith and believe, cultural, local art and design, which come before next generation limitation and production process. The result in this combination of these 2 sides which comparing to believe of Eastern world and growth of Western empire. This reverse thinking process make us get some new answer. That's the question of initiating something new of us.

In Asia or Eastern world, we see many things which uses to decorate and use normally in ordinary home which all use something beyond rational, intelligence and agility of humanity to design. Anon Pairot Design Studio, has pick this legend which was written by Eastern for long long time ago to become our inspiration of designing this "Rat Dock" for iPhone.

With the mixing of new functional need and present's lifestyle into the design project, and this make it look alike respond to every need which happen in today's era of Asian people in both spiritual and functional way in the time we are not using this, but it still benefit for today's life.

This product will first launch at Maison et Objet 2011, France, and next will come to show at The REZT Gallery Bangkok.

Photographed by Soranun Choochut