Wallpaper Magazine Photo-shoot

Wallpaper* PHOTO-SHOOT with Tape Collection and ASHSEMBLE


World is getting hot and hotter, Eco is the new fashion, and its time Anon Pairot recall your memory again with his Tape Collection by using used furniture and putting together with each other mixing with Anon’s idea until they become the unique ones. This story begin from, Wallpaper*, remarkably renowned magazine, invited Anon Pairot to show his furniture in the next issue which Eco-concerned issue, is a must to do while living your life. And here we go again in this issue, we come to the twin pages with latest Eco-friendly recycle issue, which is Tape Collection 2010.

Combination from Ming Chair to neon-light post, and a yellow taped bear from the previous scene of Waan’s Soloist Concert. Featuring with the ASHSEMBLE (2010) which made from leftovers of ash wood and paste it on normal chair as its ornaments, and called it new on as ASHEMBLE, come along with side table and small backrest-less chair.

However, let’s meet the published version on Wallpaper Magazine, Feb 2010 issue.